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Thursday May 30 2024 

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Accurate scorekeeping is important. Associations should be sure scorekeepers know how to fill out the scoresheet. Please remember:
Scoresheet must include a complete team roster before the start of the game. Draw a single line through any player not playing (do not obliterate the name). If stickers are used, be sure you line out any absent players on all copies of the scoresheet.
Indicate the reason for each absent player. You can use "S" for suspended, "I" for illness/injury, or "A" for other absence.
Head coaches must sign the score sheet before the game starts.
Document all penalties legibly and properly. Penalties called with misconduct (e.g. “2-and-10”) are recorded as two separate lines on the score sheet (the infraction and the misconduct). Scorekeepers should watch for players who accumulate 5 penalties and/or 2 misconducts in a single game, or teams that accumulate 15 or more penalties in a single game, and call this to the attention of the referee.
If it’s not written up on the scoresheet, it didn’t happen. The league cannot overrule what is (or is not) written on the scoresheet. Any protest must be noted on the scoresheet before the copies are separated (however note that protests based on referee calls, non-calls, and/or decisions will not be considered).
Scorekeepers should be familiar with USA Hockey Scorekeeping starting on Page 8.